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The Humanist Service Corps (HSC) partners with Songtaba, a women's rights organization fighting against gender-based violence and discrimination in Ghana's Northern Region. The most striking manifestation of this discrimination is the witch-hunting and forced exile of elderly women. HSC volunteers are improving access to clean water and healthcare in one of the camps these women flee to, but elevating the standard of living in these camps won’t stop witchcraft accusations from occurring. HSC and Songtaba are also designing human rights, education, livelihood, and healthcare initiatives that will eliminate the circumstances that lead to accusations in the communities where they occur most often.


HSC has Songtaba set up to receive online donations. You can make a restricted donation to Songtaba's Girls Clubs on Global Giving or make an unrestricted donation to support all of Songtaba's programs on Ammado.

You can also support Songtaba on your favorite social media platforms!


Humanist Service Corps

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The Humanist Service Corps (HSC) partners with local organizations around the world to protect human rights and the environment through grassroots development.

The Humanist Service Corps (HSC) is an international volunteering program run by Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB). HSC is a logical extension of FBB’s Humanist Giving program, which provides catalyst grants to small organizations with a track record of effective, data-driven innovation. HSC expands upon this idea by providing assistance in the form of volunteers to a smaller subset of such organizations.


The Humanist Service Corps approach emphasizes close collaboration with a grassroots partner organization not just because it embodies humanist ideals but also because it is more effective and sustainable. Humanist Service Corps volunteers do not provide direct services; they don't perform jobs that locals can do or be trained to do. Instead, HSC volunteers collaborate with locals to design and implement solutions that leverage local resources, thereby amplifying the impact each volunteer has. For every volunteer, an initiative, for every initiative, a half dozen domestic volunteers and employees trained and empowered to provide services to hundreds of locals.

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