• Read our board's response to the ongoing racial injustices and police violence in the U.S. 

  • Learn how FBB is responding to COVID-19

  • Our Beyond Belief Network is a collective of organizations putting compassionate humanism into action through community volunteering and charitable fundraising. 

  • Highlights 4 carefully vetted charities per quarter in the areas of Poverty and Health, Education, Human Rights, and Natural World.

  • The hosts of our official podcast travel the country telling stories of life-changing events, expanding our horizons and our compassion.

  • Raising funds to assist families separated at the southern US border.

We are Humanism at Work

Foundation Beyond Belief is a humanist charity that promotes secular volunteering and responsible charitable giving. Guided by the principles of secular humanism, our mission is to:

  • Unite the humanist community in volunteering and charitable efforts.

  • Advocate for compassionate action throughout the world.

We forward our mission through our programs: Grants, Disaster Recovery, Service Corps, and Volunteer Network.

Upcoming at FBB

May 1st-10th: Secular Week of Action: A Compassionate Response to COVID-19 

This year, Secular Week of Action falls in the midst of a public health crisis that is especially threatening for medically and economically vulnerable people. There are safe ways to help!

What is Humanism?

The word "humanism" has a number of meanings, depending on who you ask. In different contexts, the word may reference philosophy, literary pursuits, values connected to religion, or secular movements looking to stand in contrast to it.

When FBB talks about humanism, we mean a philosophy for living that implores us to lead fulfilling, ethical lives. Without necessarily believing in the supernatural, we seek to meet human needs and solve human problems, both individually and collectively. In short, humanism is a philosophy of right-here, right-now integrity. 

Humanists value:

  • Civil liberties and human rights
  • Global consciousness
  • Mindfulness of the natural world
  • Seeking new knowledge
  • Imagination
  • Scientific inquiry
  • Analytical thought, reason, and science
  • Radical compassion extending beyond the boundaries of geography, gender, sexuality, ability, belief, or race.

While many humanists eschew religious belief, we at FBB are less concerned with theological debate and more concerned with direct, compassionate action. We are a community that largely believes that no supernatural power will make the world a better place for us; we must do it ourselves. We invite anyone who shares this drive to join us.


Inside FBB: Latest News

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The following blog was provided to us by All Hands and Hearts, beneficiary of our 2020 Humanist Disaster Recovery appeal responding to Hurricanes Laura and Sally.

All Hands and Hearts (AHAH) is honored to be selected as Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB)’s featured Hurricane Recovery 2020 Appeal beneficiary. AHAH and FBB have partnered since 2016, and the recent devastation that Hurricane Laura caused in Texas and Louisiana shows how AHAHcan only continue our vital disaster relief work with partners like FBB by our side. We welcome you to make a contribution, so we can assist communities with immediate needs and through long-term recovery.


By All Hands and Hearts

Imagine your house is destroyed. Your life is upside-down. It's time to sort through the rubble.

Fortunately, a group of people is there to help.

"Before we get started,” says one of them, “let's have a prayer."



Beyond Belief Network is a collective of over 125 humanist, atheist, and other non-believing organizations putting compassionate humanism into action through community volunteering and charitable fundraising. COVID-19 and Secular Week of Action kept us pretty busy for a while, so now we're playing a little catch-up. Let's see what teams crushed it in the months of June and July! (more…)


Volunteers in the Beyond Belief Network (BBN) have been staying busy this summer despite the pandemic, and so have we. So busy, in fact, we fell behind on publishing our monthly BBN roundups! We won’t let volunteers’ hard work go unrecognized, so this month we’ve put together a BBN Roundup looking at what secular volunteers did in their communities during both June and July.



The Podcast

Listen to and support The Humanist Experience.

By following two humanists living radical experiences, this unique podcast expands our worldview and enlarges our capacity for compassion.


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