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We are Humanism at Work

Foundation Beyond Belief is a humanist charity that promotes secular volunteering and responsible charitable giving. Guided by the principles of secular humanism, our mission is to:

  • Unite the humanist community in volunteering and charitable efforts.

  • Advocate for compassionate action throughout the world.

We forward our mission through our programs: Grants, Disaster Recovery, Service Corps, and Volunteer Network.

Inside FBB: Latest News

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Calling all Humanists! Houston families need your help!

Last fall, Hurricane Harvey and its associated rainstorms dropped about 27 trillion gallons of rainwater over Texas and Louisiana in just just six days. Harvey dumped 51 inches of rain in south Texas, which is more than Houston typically gets in one year (49.77 inches). Over 300,000 homes in the city of Houston alone were damaged as a result of Harvey. In April 2018, Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) will be deploying a team of humanist volunteers to help Houston recover.

Thanks to our generous supporters, FBB raised over $115,000 dollars to help mitigate the extensive damage from Harvey. One of our beneficiaries, All Hands and Hearts (formerly All Hands Volunteers), is providing the infrastructure for our volunteers in Houston. All Hands and Hearts (AHH) volunteers have already rebuilt at least 461 sites during their Harvey recovery efforts. AHH expects their volunteer numbers to drop in Houston by April, which is why we are scheduling our deployment for late April. Much of the attention from a disaster drops off after six months and volunteers are much more difficult to find. (more…)


There was a lot to be thankful for in November. We are thankful for our Beyond Belief Network teams and all the hard work they put into helping others and making their communities great.

Springfield Skeptics stepped up when the Gigglebox folks called them up last minute in need of help. Springfield Skeptics showed up in force! They took some time out of their Saturday to pack boxes full of toys, puzzles, color pencils, whoopee cushions, and more. Once packed these boxes were loaded into the Gigglebus ready to be delivered to kids struggling with major health problems or abuse. When all was said and done the group ended up packing over 100 boxes in about an hour!  



Foundation Beyond Belief’s Humanist Giving Program presents our first quarter 2018 beneficiaries. At the beginning of 2016, we made a commitment to particular beneficiaries to give an initial grant, and then a potential renewable grant later on in order to show a longer-term commitment, supply steady grant income, and to develop long-term relationships with beneficiaries to serve them better. Successive, unrestricted grants are viewed as best philanthropic practices, and while Foundation Beyond Belief is unable to practice this in every quarter, we are showing its value with these grants in 2018.



Featured Image: The Sentencing Project Executive Director Marc Mauer at an emergency rally.

If you pay attention to the news at all, it won’t surprise you that the legal system in the United States is flawed. As Paul Butler, Professor of Law at Georgetown University explains, “Our criminal justice system is profoundly sick. We lock people up for being mentally ill, for being poor, for being members of minority groups or of the LGBT community. That has got to change.”



The Podcast

Listen to and support The Humanist Experience.

By following two humanists living radical experiences, this unique podcast expands our worldview and enlarges our capacity for compassion.


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