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We are Humanism at Work

Foundation Beyond Belief is a humanist charity that promotes secular volunteering and responsible charitable giving. Guided by the principles of secular humanism, our mission is to:

  • Unite the humanist community in volunteering and charitable efforts.

  • Advocate for compassionate action throughout the world.

We forward our mission through our programs: Grants, Disaster Recovery, Service Corps, and Volunteer Network.

Inside FBB: Latest News

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October means a new slate of our Humanist Grant beneficiaries! It's hard to believe that quarter four is already upon us, but we're thrilled to announce the nonprofits we will be supporting for the last three months of 2017. We look forward to our partnership with each of them.

First is our Natural World beneficiary, Trees, Water & People, (TWP.) TWP's work concentrates on community-based decisions and innovative programming. Projects include clean cookstoves, sustainable building, renewable energy, and reforestation.

Reforestation efforts recognize the broad approach necessary for success. In areas where deforestation is already occurring, TWP works to protect current forest stands. They also cultivate tree nurseries and planting projects at family homesteads and near forest edges (Featured photo above.) They teach best practices in tree management to maintain the highest quality tree diversity in their region

TWP has worked with local organizations to add fuel-efficient cookstove technology to their services to reduce pressure on the local forests from which fuelwood is harvested, as well as reduce indoor air pollution and it's been very successful, "After several years of prototyping designs with Utz Che' communities and Guatemalan manufacturers... we embarked on the full-scale implementation of 500 clean cookstoves manufactured by two local enterprises - ECOCOMAL and Estufa Dona Dora. The project was so successful that this year we are raising funds to install 500 more in high-need communities."


By AJ Chalom, Humanist Grants Coordinator

We're happy to announce our August Picture of the Month award goes to Pikes Peak Atheists & Pikes Peak Atheist Families. Their picture was taken at their second cleanup event of the year at a 1.5 mile stretch of creek. Twenty-seven volunteers participated in a cleanup that notably removed a broken basketball hoop, a shopping cart, exercise equipment, and beach chairs from the creek. What a great event!

August’s Team of the Month, Center for Inquiry-Michigan, had a unique event. They teamed with the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan to canvas an area of older homes susceptible to lead poisoning due to lead paint flakes and dust. Seven volunteers visited 177 homes in the area, handing out literature, providing a free lead test to homes with children under the age of 5, and explaining the dangers of lead dust to the growth and development of children. To give an idea of how important this kind of event is in the area - in 2015 this area had more cases of lead poisoning in children than the entire city of Flint. Keep up the good work Center for Inquiry-Michigan!


As a volunteer for Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB), it’s often my privilege to sing the praises of our amazing Humanist Grants beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries are, indeed, fabulous, and they do great work. We like to keep you, our supporters and donors, informed about what our partners are working on, so you can see how your donations are impacting people and the environment in positive ways. But, this post is a little different.

Today, I want to share with you some examples of our beneficiaries singing the praises of our organization. FBB is a Foundation unlike others in that we foster collaborative relationships with our beneficiaries, and we strive to be so much more than just a funding source. AJ Chalom, our Humanist Grants coordinator, spends the necessary time to develop these lasting relationships. Supporters of FBB can be proud knowing that you’re a part of an organization truly changing the way charitable giving is accomplished throughout the world.


By Stephannie Baker, FBB Volunteer

We've recently highlighted some of our BBN teams in South Texas who have been working even harder than usual to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, but let's get up-to-speed with what everyone was up to in July.



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