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Teacher training day in Northern Ghana

14 Apr 2017

by FBB

The photograph above depicts training day for volunteer teachers in over 50 small villages in the northern region of Ghana. In our previous post delineating the Principles of Service of our Humanist Service Corps, one of the things discussed was the creation of sustainable change. The goal of HSC's work in Ghana is not to make our volunteers a permanent, necessary fixture, but to help the local people take agency and develop solutions.

As you can see, these volunteer educators are quite successful and are continuing to train more in their region. These classes bring in professors and other professionals to help teachers better serve their students and their communities. These teachers work hard to prepare their students to succeed in the public schools. In these training sessions, teachers cover topics related to supervision, organization, and effective teaching strategies.

Not everyone at the training is a volunteer teacher. Other leaders in the communities also volunteer to be on-the-ground help for the teachers on a day-to-day basis for any issues that may arise. These volunteers receive their own, separate training.

Foundation Beyond Belief must raise at least $15,000 in the month of April to continue HSC's important work in 2017-2018. Please make your gift today to ensure we can sustain our culturally-responsible support for grassroots human rights organizations.

HSC: Ghana

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