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FBB reaches new major milestone in giving

28 Jan 2020

by FBB

Foundation Beyond Belief reached a major milestone last week: we have now given more than $3M to charities worldwide working on poverty, health, education, human rights, and the natural world—as well as groups responding to natural disasters and complex humanitarian crises.

Religion is currently the single largest recipient of charitable giving in the U.S., making up a third of all donations—more than double the contributions for education, the next largest sector of philanthropy. FBB was initially founded in 2009 by humanist author Dale McGowan as a means of providing atheists with a systematic way to donate to charity, similar to a religious tithe or church collection plate.


“The nonreligious community’s freedom from sectarian influences is a strength which enhances our ability to see across human-made barriers,” says FBB President Noelle George. “FBB provides a space for humanists to express that value though direct, compassionate action.”


Through FBB, humanists and other atheists have contributed to more than 200 organizations across the world—including $1M to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) through the Light the Night Walk. FBB has also given more than half a million dollars to local and international disaster relief efforts, and is currently collecting donations for earthquake recovery in Puerto Rico, and for the U.S. border and detention crisis.


Teams in the Beyond Belief Network (BBN), FBB’s volunteer arm, have donated more than 165,000 volunteer hours since 2009 on service projects in their communities around the world.


“We were founded as a secular alternative to religious charity,” continues George. “Over the last ten years, it’s become a lot more. FBB is an example of how much good humanity can accomplish when we are united in action.”


You can help us start the journey towards our next million in grants by contributing at

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