The Pathfinders are excited to announce their new educational campaign “Protect This!”. This campaign serves the dual purposes of raising awareness for environmental issues in Colombia and inspiring support for the Pathfinders’ work.  Each “Protect This!” update, shared on the Pathfinders Project Facebook page, contains a photograph of the area and any relevant wildlife, and information about the current issues the Pathfinders are addressing. Today, Ben shared some fascinating facts about a highly endangered resident of the Colombian Andes, the Handley’s Slender Mouse Opossum.



Information on the Handley’s Slender Mouse Opossum and other animals can be found on Facebook.

Picture via The Zoological Society of London







The river that the Pathfinders often ford to get to work.

New information and pictures will be uploaded daily, so be sure to check in regularly for more gorgeous photos and cool explanations of the world around us.




Projects in Minca are progressing smoothly. The Pathfinders have just finished constructing a composter, to be used by the school where they are working with Misión Gaia to bring lessons about respecting nature to life.



The finished product.



Ben adds doors.


And of course, it is important to take time to appreciate the nature they are working so hard to protect.

Visit the donation page to help in their work protecting this environment and other projects and follow along with the rest of Protect This! on Facebook.