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Update September 20th, 2018: Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) collected funds to support recovery efforts for those affected by the Kerala Monsoon Flooding. We raised approximately $2300 for beneficiary Action Aid USA. Thank you to all our donors who made this possible.

Published August 21st, 2018: Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) is now collecting funds to support recovery efforts for those affected by the Kerala Monsoon Flooding.

Since the monsoon season started in the southern Indian state of Kerala on May 29th, over 400 people have died, which includes over 200 in the last few weeks. About 750,000 people are currently in relief camps, but thousands remain stranded without water or food.

With floodwaters up to 3 meters in some places and entire villages swept away, damage is estimated at $3 billion. Officials are calling this the worst flooding in Kerala in 100 years and the death toll and damage reports are expected to rise. Though the rain has currently lightened, monsoon season can continue until October and if heavy rains return, rescue efforts will be hampered and additional lives will be put in peril.

A local politician, Saji Cherian, broke down in tears on TV on Friday describing the crisis there. "Please give us a helicopter. I am begging you. Please help me, people in my place will die. Please help us. There is no other solution, people have to be airlifted," he said.

The Humanist Disaster Recovery program is sustained through a partnership between Foundation Beyond Belief and the American Humanist Association (AHA). We thank AHA for their generous support of our efforts.

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