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This article is part of a series written by guest contributors exploring how to incorporate humanist values into their everyday lives. The opinions expressed in this article may not necessarily express those of Foundation Beyond Belief, its staff, or donors. 

I start nearly every weekday morning the same way. I drink hot tea, eat peanut butter toast, and:

  • Listen to NPR News
  • Scan headlines online from NBC News and the Washington Post
  • Read my hometown newspaper, the Houston Chronicle
  • Watch highlights from the previous evening’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” 

Media Bias/Fact Check rates my go-to news outlets as having a slight-to-moderate liberal bias. Colbert is a self-proclaimed liberal.


By Paul Babb, guest contributor

October may be a very spooky month, but BBN teams ain't afraid of no service!

Pikes Peak Atheists & Pikes Peak Atheist Families in Colorado Springs, Colorado participated in Creek Week, the largest Waterway cleanup event in Colorado. PPA had thirteen volunteers who cleaned trash and debris from a one mile stretch of their adopted waterway (Sand Creek) in Colorado Springs. They removed roughly 300 pounds of trash during this event!




Chiemi Maloy is a Humanist Service Corps volunteer who has traveled to Ghana for the first time as part of a year-long service commitment in the town of Cape Coast. This is her second entry in this blog series. (Click here for her first installment.)

One of the best and worst parts of being away from home is new food experiences. People plan entire vacations around cuisine in foreign places, and then some people find comfort in eating the exact same sandwich for lunch every day. I was in neither of these categories. I love to try new foods, but since I almost never travelled, I was left with options close to home. I thought Salt Lake City had a pretty diverse food scene, but I realized there is a big gap in African cuisines; it caters more to South American, European and Asian foods. Proximity to Mexico is probably a huge contributor to SLC having almost unlimited options for cooking or going out to eat authentic Mexican foods, and that might be one of the things I miss most. I realized though, that I had probably not had the best opportunities to expand my palate for what to expect in Ghana. And sometimes my relationship with food here is a struggle.


By Chiemi Maloy, HSC Volunteer

A bag of paper bones.

That’s what instantly comes to Turtle Haste’s mind when asked to describe a pivotal moment in her long and distinguished career as a science educator.

She was a graduate student at Oregon State University, studying with Norman Lederman—“Mr. Inquiry,” Haste calls him—when she and her classmates were presented with the bag. Lederman told them that they needed to assemble the paper cut-outs of bones from the bag into the correct animal skeleton.

“How do you figure out what are the arms? What are the legs? Where the backbone stops and becomes the shoulders?” Haste recalls asking herself.



Beyond Belief Network is a collective of over 125 humanist, atheist, and other non-believing organizations putting compassionate humanism into action through community volunteering and charitable fundraising. Interested in starting up a BBN team? Click here to learn more!

October’s Beyond Belief Network Team of the Month, Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) participated in two events in October. In addition to their monthly Community Shelter Board event, HCCO volunteers spent some of their Saturday cleaning up their adopted section of the 270 highway. Both events were held in partnership with another BBN team, Central Ohio United Non-Theists. And, at both events, it is clear that these are humanist events and volunteers because they wear branded shirts and their stretch of the highway has a sign with their name. Keep up the great work HCCO!


The Picture of the Month comes from Pikes Peak Atheists & Pikes Peak Atheist Families. For "Creek Week"— the largest Waterway cleanup event in Colorado— this team had 13 volunteers cleaning trash and debris from their adopted one-mile stretch of waterway in Colorado Springs. They removed roughly 300 pounds of trash during this event! Great job!




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