CRISIS ALERT (4/25): We are now accepting donations to help with Nepal's recovery efforts after a deadly 7.8 quake struck the country. Please click here to donate.

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Foundation Beyond Belief is happy to announce that Secular Woman, an educational non-profit organization whose mission is to amplify the voice, presence, and influence of non-religious women, has endorsed Women's Foundation Nepal, the first beneficiary of our Nepal drive. The group released a press release this morning explaining the decision.  From the press release: "Secular Woman, an organization for non-religious women, is pleased to endorse Foundation Beyond Belief’s first beneficiary for response to the Nepalese earthquake. The Women’s Foundation Nepal was already providing shelter to women and children before the disaster, making them well-positioned to aid in recovery. Foundation Beyond Belief cited The Women’s Foundation Nepal’s work with women and emphasis on the immediate needs of women in explaining its choice. As ...


Men and women are both impacted by disaster, but there is evidence to suggest that the way each gender experiences disasters, specifically response and recovery, may differ in some ways. Related to response, the numbers suggest that overall more women die and suffer injuries in disasters compared to men. Reasons for these statistics vary by situation, but are all related to women living in male-dominated cultures. Dozens of international disaster relief organizations have flooded into Nepal over the past week. Most of them have brought much-needed help in terms of specialized knowledge, physical resources, and personnel. As aftershocks and search and rescue subside the people of Nepal, just like every country that experiences a disaster, will be faced with a ...

By Samantha Montano, HDR Coordinator

Foundation Beyond Belief recently received an update from Renu Sharma, President of Women's Foundation of Nepal, the beneficiary of our Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive follow the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015. According to Sharma, they are currently supporting 700 people with food and shelter and have organized themselves into three units. They will deploy these teams to Sindhupalchowk (where 1,500 people were killed) Bhaktapur and Kavre districts. They are focused in distributing tarps/tents and building toilets. She said they are starting to see diarrhea. They are also looking into purchasing tin roofs because they are receiving requests for them from those impacted by the disaster. One of the benefits of tin roofs is that they able to be used long-term ...

By Kate Simonson

Our Beyond Belief Network Team Tri-State Freethinkers is looking for some help with their latest community service project, an accessible playground for all children. According to Tri-State Freethinkers, "North College Hill is a small city on the outskirts of Cincinnati. The public school has many disadvantaged students, 80% of whom qualify for free or reduced lunch. In some areas of town there aren't any safe or accessible playgrounds. There is a local effort to build a magnificent new playground for the students. The PTA has already received a $15,000 KaBOOM grant from Dr. Pepper/Snapple, but other donations have fallen short of the goal. The playground will be built on property that is owned by an organization that helps the blind. It will ...


Starfish is Foundation Beyond Belief’s Compassionate Impact Grant beneficiary, a program in the Humanist Giving program that combines all member donations into one high-impact capacity-building grant. As with all FBB beneficiaries, Starfish was chosen based on compatibility with the FBB mission, program effectiveness and evaluation, an innovative approach to solving a problem and devising a strong long range capacity building program. You can use this guide for service event ideas to help Starfish’s goals.   Starfish’s Work Starfish is a powerful model of education and support focused within the native Mayan community in Guatemala. Throughout their history, they have a track record of empowering Girl Pioneers, increasing literacy in students and their parents, and encouraging traditional education and strong mentorship ...

By Elizabeth Minutello

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