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Some may remember Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) as Foundation Beyond Belief’s first Compassionate Impact Grant beneficiary. Today, DSNI remains an innovative organization focused on raising the quality of life and lifting families out of poverty in a single area of South Boston. They started 30 years ago as a grassroots collaborative, and eventually built an evidence-based urban renewal model so effective that it has drawn federal programmatic support, is studied in urban planning graduate programs, and serves as a model for similar projects around the U.S. Since Foundation Beyond Belief last reported on DSNI, they have undergone a change in leadership. Their new Executive Director, Juan Leyton, joined DSNI this month and was chosen after an exhaustive search. His ...

By Elizabeth Minutello

Today is National Trauma Survivors Day, a day created to support those who have experienced a traumatic injury and their caregivers. The American Trauma Society is encouraging everyone to add a message to social media today to "create an unprecedented voice of compassion and solidarity." If you are interested in taking part in the social media campaign, they have created a sign that you may print out, personalize with words of inspiration, and photograph. Finally, upload your picture to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #TraumaSurvivorsDay. Find more information about National Trauma Survivors Day and the American Trauma Society at their website. It is also the second anniversary of the EF5 tornado that ripped through Moore, OK. In just a few minutes, more than ...

By Kate Simonson

For the second year in a row, Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless (ATXAHH) was invited to speak with students enrolled in a Perspectives on Atheism class taught by Dr. Innes Mitchell at St. Edward's University. Although St. Edward’s is a private, Catholic University, not all its students hold religious beliefs. Some of the students in attendance said they identify as religious, some were agnostic and a student mentioned he’s always been an atheist but enrolled in the course to learn more about the history of Atheism. This year, ATXAHH volunteer Angelique Lugo was joined by Rev. Jim Rigby of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, a progressive Presbyterian church known for its inclusiveness and social activism. Each winter, St. Andrew’s opens its ...

By Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless

When choosing a beneficiary for our Compassionate Impact Grant, we do look at the entire organization, but we also ask our applicants to submit a proposal for a specific program. Starfish, our current CIG beneficiary, introduced us to its Girl Effect program, which is supplying mentors and promoting initiatives to secure education for those in extreme poverty. The program that we are supporting with our grant to Starfish is a teacher training and development system they are pioneering for teachers in their new middle school, opening in the fall. Guatemala is known for having free public schools; however, it is also known that the schools vary widely in quality, and that there are many barriers to attendance, such as the ...

By AJ Chalom

If you’ve read about Central America recently in the newspaper, then you know the region is entrenched in violence. Sadly, El Salvador, is now the most violent peace-time nation in the world and those who suffer are overwhelmingly children. Improving education is a key component to combat violence! That’s why ConTextos raises the quality of education in El Salvador: to give kids better opportunities. Founded in 2011 at three public schools, ConTextos has already grown to 54 schools and works in gang prisons and the juvenile justice system implementing innovative teacher training, library development and writing programs, serving 400 teachers and nearly 30,000 kids! In Central America, many adults never had the opportunity to read. In schools today, kids lack ...

By ConTextos

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