Call To Action: Family Separation at the Border


Paul Kurtz, Institute for Science and Human Values

A vital test of any humanist organization's humanism is its ability to help those in need, which the Foundation is doing so admirably.

Learning from the Kitchen Table

[My] kids watched the videos from War Child and Water for People. Learning happened. Humanitarianism happened. My children felt compassion for others and wanted to help.

Avert Your Eye

It's simple but profound—empathy and compassion. I am proud to be able to bring news of this Foundation to my readers.

Digital Chum

Foundation Beyond Belief is demonstrating humanism at its best.

Raising Three Thinkers

The best part [of FBB membership] is sharing the experience with our children. We want them to help us figure out what our monthly contribution should be and where it should go.

Amy Schirmer, member

The regular contribution [model] means that our total charitable giving will most certainly increase this year.

Peter Nothnagle, member

I scrolled down the list of contribution levels until I hit one that hurts, just a little. But it's a good kind of hurt.

PZ Myers, Pharyngula

Interesting approach…Join up!

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