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Sponsor an HSC Volunteer

HSC demonstrates its commitment to diversity and effective, culturally responsible service by providing living stipends to each volunteer and covering all program-related costs. This allows volunteers from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to apply and places the emphasis on the skills the volunteers bring to the program rather than the experience the program provides to the volunteer. 

There are already plenty of religious and secular volunteer service programs that exist to please paying volunteers. Most of them focus on creating the context for volunteering instead of selecting and training volunteers for the context. Doing the right thing - the humanist thing - is undoubtedly more expensive, but we hope you will agree that the integrity is worth the price.

Contact us to sponsor an HSC volunteer.

Patty Cake never fails.

HSC volunteer Rebecca Czekalski trains health screeners to administer malaria and diabetes tests.

The Humanist Service Corps approach emphasizes close collaboration with a grassroots partner organization, not just because it embodies humanist ideals, but also because it is more effective and sustainable. Whereas Foundation Beyond Belief’s Humanist Giving program provides catalyst grants to small organizations with a track record of effective, data driven innovation, HSC provides assistance in the form of volunteers. 

Humanist Service Corps volunteers do not provide direct services; they don't perform jobs that locals can do or be trained to do. Instead, HSC volunteers collaborate with locals to design and implement solutions that leverage local resources, thereby amplifying the impact each volunteer has. For every volunteer, an initiative, for every initiative, a half dozen domestic volunteers and employees trained and empowered to provide services to hundreds of locals.

Know Your Impact

The HSC Volunteer Sponsorship program connects you not just to the volunteer you sponsor, but also to the women and children supported by that volunteer's work. There is no better way to understand where your donation goes.

At the $1,000 Volunteer Sponsorship level, donors will receive:

  • in-depth quarterly reports from volunteer
  • stories and photos from women and children supported by volunteer
  • video chat between sponsor and volunteer
  • if desired, recognition of sponsor on HSC/FBB website and social media

At the $2,500 Volunteer Sponsorship level, donors will receive the above, as well as the following:

  • volunteer-guided video tour of the Northern Region place of your choice
  • Ghana-print (batik) HSC tote bag
  • postcards or blank cards of images captured by HSC volunteers
  • live video presentation from volunteer to audience of sponsor's choice

At the $5,000 Volunteer Sponsorship level, donors will receive the above, as well as the following:

  • 10 FBB or HSC t-shirts and Surlys
  • guided language learning with HSC volunteer
  • interview on podcast or show of sponsor's choice
  • visit from HSC Program Coordinator or volunteer to organization or conference of sponsor's choice

At the $10,000 Volunteer Sponsorship level, donors will receive the above, as well as the following:

  • biweekly vlog from volunteer with sponsor's name and logo included 
  • Ghana flag signed by women and children supported by the volunteer
  • visit from FBB Executive Director to organization or conference of sponsor's choice
  • if desired, volunteer will be referred to as "[organization/sponsor name]'s HSC volunteer" or the "HSC volunteer sponsored by [organization/sponsor name]" when mentioned on the FBB/HSC website and social media. Alternate phrasing may be suggested.

**Please contact us for more information about the program or sponsoring a volunteer.

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