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Humanist Service Corps Team

About HSC Volunteering

HSC demonstrates its commitment to diversity and effective, culturally responsible service by providing living stipends to each volunteer and covering program-related costs.

This allows volunteers from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to apply and places the emphasis on the skills the volunteers bring to the program rather than the experience the program provides to the volunter.

There are already plenty of religious and secular volunteer service programs that exist to please paying volunteers. Most of them focus on creating the context for volunteering instead of selecting and training volunteers for the context. Doing the right thing - the humanist thing - is undoubtedly more expensive, but we hope you will agree that the integrity is worth the price.

Sponsor an HSC Volunteer to stay connected to our work and guarantee a regular source of support for impoverished communities in Ghana's Northern Region.

Volunteer Sponsors make meetings like this possible.

Yvonne Nyahe interviews women at Gnani, one of Ghana's camps for alleged witches.

Cleopatra Blacke

Yvonne Nyahe, HSC: Ghana Coordinator

Yvonne is a secular humanist/atheist from the Volta Region of Ghana. From an early age, she was driven to expand her knowledge of the world through music, books, and movies. She is still very passionate about music and credits that love for her humanistic perception of the world. 

After graduating from high school, Yvonne studied graphic design for a year and worked as a secretary for a small company in Accra before taking a short course in child care and working as a nanny in Saudi Arabia. She also spent a year in South Africa working again as a nanny and touring the country. During that time, she joined the Durban Freethinkers of SA, which led naturally to her joining the Humanist Association of Ghana when she moved to Accra a year and a half ago.

Read No cherries, no worries, Yvonne's post on the expectations which Ghana culture has of women.


Hannah Austin, HSC: Ghana Volunteer

Hannah is a resident of Bath, Maine. She is an Americorps alumna, having served with City Year Philadelphia tutoring 6th grade students and with City Year Los Angeles on the Civic Engagement team. Hannah's passion for social justice and education is what led to her love of service. She chose to join HSC because "making the world better for just one person can make the world a better place."


Sharon Racho - HSC: Ghana Volunteer

Sharon Racho fell in love with nonprofit work while in college. She was inspired by a school trip and quickly developed a passion for charity work. Sharon has worked for six years in both the nonprofit consulting and IT fields. Sharon is happy spending her days reading novels or taking in the open skies.


Hibbatullah Wumpini - HSC: Ghana Volunteer

Hibbatullah is a resident of the Northern Region but spent eight years living in the south in the city of Accra. After graduating from high school, Hibbatullah joined Global Platform Ghana, a hub for youth empowerment and activism. She is excited to give back to the Northern Region before deciding what to study in college.


Rama Azinab - HSC: Ghana Volunteer

Rama Azinab has been a long term volunteer of our partner organization in Yendi, the Bangu-Manga Integrated Rural Development Society. Rama's particular interest is in human rights education. She says: "I have a passion for helping people overcome their problems. I believe that if people know their rights, the world will be a better place to live in."

Conor Robinson Action Shot

Conor Robinson - HSC Director

Conor Robinson graduated from Yale University, where he founded the Yale Humanist Society (now Yale AHA), majored in English, and minored in intramural sports (seriously, he won an award for it).

After serving as the founding Resource Specialist at a bilingual elementary school in Los Angeles, Conor organized Pathfinders Project, a yearlong global humanist service trip. Conor received Foundation Beyond Belief’s 2014 Humanist Visionary award in recognition of this work, and he joined the Foundation in August 2014 to launch the Humanist Service Corps.

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