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The application window for the 2017-2018 volunteering cycle has closed. The Humanist Service Corps (HSC) solicits applications every winter for the yearlong volunteering commitment beginning the following summer.

HSC volunteers provide a year of service (summer to summer) in support of grassroots organizations working to protect human rights and the environment. HSC provides work-related transportation, housing, travel costs, medical, evacuation, and travel insurance, and a monthly living stipend.

Additionally, HSC organizes language classes, cultural orientations, and professional trainings so that volunteers are adequately prepared to perform in the field. HSC does not pay for visa and visa extension fees, vaccinations, malaria prophylactics, or food.

In the 2017-2018 volunteering cycle, the Humanist Service Corps will continue supporting women's rights organizations in Ghana's Northern Region. HSC volunteers will work to empower women and children by increasing access to healthcare, education, and jobs.

Who We Look For

Successful HSC volunteers see obstacles as part of the journey. They are:

  • excited by challenges and growth opportunities
  • comfortable with themselves and open to feedback
  • flexible/adaptable
  • willing to plug in where necessary
  • able to forgo creature comforts for long periods of time
  • self-reflective
  • patient
  • resilient

Ideal HSC applicants have a "do whatever it takes" attitude, as well as:

  • high emotional intelligence
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • a passion for relationship-building
  • an appreciation for HSC's unique approach to international service
  • experience adapting to new cultures and environments
  • relevant professional skills

All applicants must be 18 or older and ready to commit to a full year of service.

What You Need to Know

Volunteering with the Humanist Service Corps may sound like the opportunity of a lifetime, but it is not for everyone. Many people find that culture shock is a significant and sometimes insurmountable obstacle to their enjoyment and impact while abroad. Volunteers with pre-existing conditions should carefully consider which of their coping strategies and self-treatments may be unavailable or ineffective in new environments. Pre-existing conditions do NOT disqualify you from applying to HSC, but they can make it more difficult to have a fulfilling and effective volunteering experience.

If you apply to the Humanist Service Corps, please keep in mind that the selection process is designed to teach you about the Humanist Service Corps as much as it is designed to show us if you can make the adjustments required to find health, happiness, and meaning in Ghana. As you learn more about the Humanist Service Corps, we ask that you take seriously your responsibility to evaluate your suitedness for the program. No doubt you will want to present yourself as well as possible so as not to be cheated of this opportunity - that is natural. However, you cheat yourself, the program, and most of all the Ghanaian women and children we support if you put yourself in a situation where you will be miserable. Volunteers who are unable to complete their HSC commitments are required to repay HSC for up to the entirety of the program’s investment in them.

Not looking to volunteer? We still need your help!

HSC demonstrates its commitment to diversity and effective, culturally responsible service by providing living stipends to each volunteer and covering all program-related costs. This allows volunteers from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to apply and places the emphasis on the skills the volunteers bring to the program rather than the experience the program provides to the volunteer. 

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