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The Humanist Service Corps (HSC) is an international volunteering program guided by the principles of secular humanism

By empowering local organizations and individuals to prevent human rights abuse and protect the environment, the Humanist Service Corps facilitates intercultural understanding, trains humanist leaders, increases nonreligious engagement in service, and improves global perception of the nonreligious.

The Humanist Service Corps approach emphasizes close collaboration with a grassroots partner organization because it embodies humanist ideals and because it is more effective and sustainable. HSC volunteers do not provide direct services; they don't perform jobs that locals can do or be trained to do. Instead, HSC volunteers collaborate with locals to design and implement solutions that leverage local resources, thereby amplifying the impact each volunteer has. For every volunteer, an initiative, for every initiative, a half dozen domestic volunteers and employees trained and empowered to provide services to hundreds of locals.


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