CRISIS ALERT (4/25): We are now accepting donations to help with Nepal's recovery efforts after a deadly 7.8 quake struck the country. Please click here to donate.

Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive

FBB has experienced some website issues during our Nepal drive. For the time being we are routing all future donations through PayPal. All previous donations received so far have been processed appropriately. If you experience any issues at all in the meantime, please contact us immediately. Thank you for your patience and your generosity.

Humanist Disaster Recovery is now raising funds to help with the recovery effort underway in the wake of the Nepal Earthquake.

NOW SUPPORTING: The Women's Foundation Nepal

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The area surrounding Kathmandu was hardest hit, while an avalanche was triggered on Mount Everest and deaths have been reported in surrounding countries. The government of Nepal has confirmed more than 5,000 deaths and is accepting international aid.

Our first beneficiary for this drive is The Women's Foundation Nepal. Despite damages to some of their facilities, their main office in Kathmandu was left unharmed. They have been able to use their facilities, including their offices and schools, to shelter those in need. Their staff members have been participating in the rescue operations and they have been providing food and resources to anyone in need. Currently, Women’s Foundation is focused on meeting the emergency needs of survivors, but in the coming weeks they will move into recovery mode as they help their community pick up the pieces.

This organization was chosen as a beneficiary for two primary reasons. First, locally run organizations are always best suited to handle recovery, especially in the long term. Second, the impacts of disasters on women have been widely researched in countries around the world. This research has found that women face more and unique challenges throughout response and recovery, including needs related to health, safety, and economic stability. After disasters, access to women’s health resources are especially difficult to find, gender-based violence increases, and women are often unable to access recovery-related employment opportunities and aid. For these reasons, the work Women’s Foundation does is especially important as they enter into recovery.



April 29, 2015: Los Angeles Times -- Many still missing as toll for Nepal's earthquake tops 5,000

April 29, 2015: CNN -- Nepal earthquake death toll climbs above 5,000 as weather hinders relief

April 27, 2015: BBC News -- Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises above 3,000

April 27, 2015: New York Times -- Climbers Describe Havoc on Mount Everest After Nepal Earthquake

April 27, 2015: Common Dreams -- Nepal Earthquake: Full Scale of Damage Emerging as Recovery Gets Underway

April 27, 2015: The Conversation -- Recovery must improve Nepal after the deadly earthquake

Image credit: Omar Havana, Getty Images

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