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Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive

Humanist Disaster Recovery DriveThe Foundation responds to major humanitarian crises on this page, providing information about the event and a donation portal to selected secular organizations responding directly to the crisis.

Because we live in a predictably unpredictable world, it will not be possible to feature every crisis that deserves attention. You can let the Foundation know that you think a response is appropriate.


Please note: Foundation Beyond Belief does not retain any portion of donations to our beneficiaries. If you wish to support the efforts of FBB itself, we are always grateful for direct donations. Thank you. However, any recurring contributions for disaster recovery drives, or one-time contributions that are received after a given drive is closed, may be directed to FBB general funds. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

HDR Drive's mission is to provide financial support to secular organizations
working locally to meet the post-disaster needs of survivors.

Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive (HDR Drive) serves as a focal point for the humanist response to major disasters all over the world. Our purpose is twofold: to bring resources to those in desperate need, and to raise awareness of that need in the humanist community and beyond. During a drive, this page includes information and an opportunity to donate to our selected beneficiaries, which receive 100% of donated funds.

Contact HDR with any questions, or sign up to receive HDR drive updates by joining the Humanist Disaster Recovery Network.

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A cooperative program
of Foundation Beyond Belief
and the American Humanist Association.

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