HDR Drives raise over $35,000 in 2016

Foundation Beyond Belief ran a total of four Humanist Disaster Recovery Drives in 2016. 

In quarter two, we launched a drive to raise funds in the wake of the Ecuadorian earthquake. Thanks to your generous support, we were able to provide a grant of $13,045 to Aquality (formerly Water Ecuador), representing 100% of the funds raised by FBB. Aquality raised additional funds for a total of $24,500 in support of earthquake relief and recovery.

In quarter three, we launched a drive to help victims of flooding in Louisiana. The Lower Mississippi Forecast Center, a division of the National Weather Service, called the August weather system a "1000 year rain event" that dumped over 30 inches of rain on Louisiana in only a few days. The drive raised over $10,000 for our beneficiary, All Hands Volunteers, as well as $2,500 that was specifically donated to support FBB's next HDR Team deployment.

In quarter four, we launched an HDR Drive to aid the people affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and we chose Lambi Fund of Haiti (LFH) as our beneficiary. At the time of our drive, Hurricane Matthew had already caused over 1,000 deaths in Haiti, displaced thousands, and destroyed homes. Cholera, already a problem in Haiti, was becoming an even greater concern. In the end, we raised almost $9,000! 

Also in quarter four, we decided to open up a fundraising drive in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in their ongoing fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and we chose Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation as the beneficiary for the Humanist fundraising response. We were able to support the tribe in their fight and to help them purchase the items they needed.

We are so grateful to the incredible generosity of our supporters! Remember, 100% of your donations to HDR Drives goes directly to the beneficiary. FBB keeps nothing so you can be assured that your donation is doing the most good.