This Quarter's Beneficiaries

Nexleaf Analytics

Poverty and Health


Nexleaf Analytics’ mission is to “build, scale, and support wireless sensor devices and data analytics tools that improve global public…

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Mount Tamalpais College



The mission of Mount Tamalpais College (previously Prison University Project) is to “provide an intellectually rigorous, inclusive Associate of Arts…

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Cool Earth

The Natural World


Cool Earth is dedicated to reducing rainforest destruction through community-based partnerships. To keep the communities they work with fully invested…

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Unchained At Last

Human Rights


Unchained At Last envisions a world where a girl is never a bride, and where every adult is free to…

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About FBB Grants


Each quarter our Humanist Grants staff selects four charitable organizations as quarterly beneficiaries, one in each of the following categories:

  • Poverty and Health
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Natural World

We carefully select beneficiary organizations for impact and efficiency, and they must pass our rigorous vetting process. These beneficiaries are secular organizations.

The Compassionate Impact Grant 

Foundation Beyond Belief usually chooses four beneficiaries to receive grants each quarter, but one quarter a year we feature a single, game-changing grant for one innovative organization. This grant is called the Compassionate Impact Grant (CIG).

The CIG program supports organizations with social initiatives that are:

  • innovative,
  • transformative,
  • evidence-based,
  • and solving community problems.

The Compassionate Impact Grant Program is an open, competitive process.

The Defining Values of the Humanist Grants Program

  • Evidence Based: the program was developed with best practices in mind; data collection is integrated for future study; decisions are made on a scientific/rational basis
  • Community Based: solutions are being addressed with strong community input; onsite employees are local wherever possible
  • Capacity Building: can the model being used be expanded in its current location? Can the model being used be replicated in another location?
  • Transparency: information is easily found and released in a timely manner
  • Vision: a clear, concise set of markers that drives the program
  • Innovation: forward thinking, adaptive, forging new ground within the charitable community
  • Financial Health: demonstrated through significant review
  • Variety: the organization meets Foundation Beyond Belief staff’s goals to balance organizations whose primarily focus on specific gender, location, or organization focus

Past Beneficiaries

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