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Giving Games

Applying Our Values to Charitable Giving

Do you want to help improve the world? Have you ever thought about your values when giving to charity and how to apply them to your decisions about who to give to?

As Humanists we emphasize human action over thought or prayer. Giving Game participants grapple with the decision to donate to one charity over another. The conversation is structured to raise critical issues about what it means to give well, knowing our choices will have real world consequences. What values do we apply to our giving as individuals and as a group? By taking part in this activity, your group will support a real cause with real money, while exploring theory about the values of giving.

Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) helps humanists transform their values into compassionate action through effective philanthropy and volunteering. We have partnered with The Life You Can Save and Intentional Insights to facilitate Giving Games, a scalable and effective form of philanthropy education.


A Giving Game is a 75-minute activity guided designed to spark discussion about effective altruism. Giving Game groups explore their personal values and priorities related to giving, share and learn about different types of evidence for assessing charities, and then debate the merits of two pre-selected charities. Each participant will be “staked” in the Giving Game with $10 from The Life You Can Save, although participants are encouraged to make a contribution of their own.

The Competing Charities

During the Giving Game, your group will learn about two charities:

  • Possible, a high-quality, low-cost healthcare system that integrates government hospitals, clinics, and community health workers to better serve Nepal’s rural poor. In addition to being one of The Life You Can Save’s recommended charities, Possible was FBB’s Poverty and Health Beneficiary in Q1 2015.
  • Humanist Service Corps (HSC), Foundation Beyond Belief’s culturally responsible international volunteering program. HSC volunteers currently support Songtaba, a women's rights organization fighting against gender-based discrimination in Ghana's Northern Region.

These charities have been selected to provide a challenging and thought-provoking decision. No matter which charity is selected, the group’s pooled donation will have a positive, real world impact. That’s what makes the discussion interesting!

Brief Overview

  • FBB facilitator introduces activity (5 minutes)
  • Group discusses charitable giving goals (15 minutes)
  • Participants learn about the two charities (10 minutes)
  • Participants evaluate the two charities (30 minutes)
  • Voting (5 minutes)
  • Debrief (10 minutes)

Want help with a Giving Game?

FBB staff is available in person and via Skype to facilitate your group's Giving Game. 

Interested in having a Giving Game facilitated by a FBB staff member? Contact us at

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