Wendy Webber · Programs Director

Wendy is a graduate of Yale Divinity School, where she was a founder of an atheist, agnostic, and multifaith community that continues to foster interbelief dialogues and initiatives on campus. She was a Volunteer Coordinator with the Yale Humanist Community.

At Foundation Beyond Belief, Wendy spent a year with Pathfinders Project, an international humanist service project designed to find the location to launch Foundation Beyond Belief's own Humanist Action: Ghana. She then served as the Humanist Disaster Recovery Coordinator and Beyond Belief Network Coordinator for FBB, and Humanist Action: Ghana: Ghana Co-Administrator. Wendy is now back in the US and serving as the coordinator of FBB's programs.

Wendy writes about religion, humanism, and interbelief engagement primarily for her blog (interbelief.com), State of Formation, and NonProphet Status.

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