World Faith is an interfaith organization with the primary goal of reducing violence. Through countering narratives of Otherism, the struggle for the life of others, World Faith encourages humanization through volunteering together across denominations and religions. World Faith commits to addressing the underlying economic issues that make violence possible. They fund projects that address women’s empowerment, children’s education, and public health. Their goal is to have “minority majority” faith demographics, meaning the largest faith group represented among volunteers makes up less than 50%. Projects they help follow the Sustainable Livelihood model, which is community centered, holistic, and aiming for sustainability. World Faith  is currently in the middle of a multiyear evaluation to build more effective models. They are also designing surveys to evaluate changing attitudes toward religious difference. They work with intermediary beneficiaries in the areas of Women’s Leadership, Children’s Education and Public Health around the world.  So not only are they a CtG beneficiary, World Faith also works in areas of education, human rights and health.