Smiling children in classroom holding up chalkboards

Logo of The Women's Global Education ProjectWomen’s Global Education Project (WGEP) believes that empowering women by guaranteeing education regardless of gender or economic level is vital to a society's development. Currently working in 65 rural communities in Senegal and Kenya, WGEP partners with local organizations to implement their multi-tiered approach in ways that are community owned and tailored to the specific obstacles faced by the community.

Through their Sisters to School Program, WGEP provides students need-based scholarships, tutoring, mentorship, and afterschool girls and boys clubs. In the community, WGEP provides health awareness and prevention education for girls. WGEP provides goats to families to provide supplemental income that allows girls to attend school. Their Human Rights efforts center on creating programs to promote an alternative rite of passage ritual for teenager girls as opposed to the ritual of genital cutting and mutilation.

Sadio, a WGEP’s scholarship recipient from Sokone, Senegal, recently won a national essay contest that had 1,000 applicants. She was given the WGEP scholarship because her family could not afford for her to go to school and Sadio would have likely had to drop out. Now, as a result of the contest win, she has a brand new laptop and a scholarship to university.

Recently, WGEP expanded their programing to include the Sisters Read Program, which uses comprehensive literacy education to increase literacy and technology skills in primary students. The program provides reading and writing activities, teacher training, and adult literacy classes.

WGEP works collaboratively on problems that require a comprehensive solution. They are fighting poverty by targeting girls education. Their programs address needs of inclusivity of girl’s and young women’s education by also empowering boys and other community members in their projects. They have strong partnerships with local organizations, ensuring their projects have local ownership and can be adjusted to address particular local obstacles.


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