Wildlife Trust is an international organization of scientists dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. For more than 35 years, Wildlife Trust has focused its efforts on conservation. Today, they are known for our innovative research on the intricate relationships between wildlife, ecosystems and human health.

Wildlife Trust’s work spans the U.S. and more than 20 countries in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia to research ways for people and wildlife to share bioscapes for their mutual survival. Its strength is built on innovations in research, education and training and accessibility to international conservation partners.

Dedicated scientific teams currently head programs in Florida and along the coast of the Southeastern U.S. Internationally, programs support conservationists in over a dozen countries at the local level to save endangered species and their habitats and to protect delicate ecosystems for the benefit of wildlife and humans.

Wildlife Trust, a conservation science innovator, specializes in saving biodiversity in human-dominated bioscapes where ecological health is most at risk because of habitat loss, species imbalance, pollution and other environmental issues caused by human-induced change.