Wholesome Wave logoWholesome Wave’s mission is to empower under-served consumers in the United States to make healthier food choices by increasing affordable access to fresh, local food. They make fruits and vegetables affordable by doubling the value of food stamps when spent on fruits and vegetables, working with doctors to write prescriptions for produce, and decreasing food waste while increasing access to fresh produce.

Doubling the value of food stamps has unlocked $10.6 million in purchases of fruits and vegetables. Of the participants in their produce prescription program, 69% eat more produce and 47% decrease their BMI. In Appalachia, Wholesome Wave is in a partnership to reduce food waste and increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables by selling cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables at a discounted price.

By creating access to fresh produce, Wholesome Wave helps improve the health of low-income individuals and families. Their work has creates long-term improvement for public health, local economies, and the environment.