Water For People envisions a world where all people have access to safe and reliable water and sanitation services. Water For People does more than build wells and install toilets in the nine countries in which they are active. Water For People works from foundations of community conversations for sustainable, long-term change. They work to transform entire systems so that there will be safe and clean systems for generations—without relying on ongoing aid.

Everyone Forever, Water For People’s impact model, is designed to reach everyone in the district in which they are working no matter how remote and no matter how marginalized. And they design systems that will be aid-independent. A key aspects of this model is its foundation on co-investing, capacity building, monitoring/reporting, and replication. Water For People does not fully fund infrastructure in order to ensure the communities are invested in the outcome. In the end, the communities own the systems they build and can maintain them without Water For People. While building the systems, Water For People trains local people to collect and analyze data to keep the systems operating at a high level. With every successful system, it is easier to get buy-in from new communities.

“We are now able to think beyond just our basic survival to usher progress in our life.” ~Sumati in West Bengal

FBB is proud to support Water For People and their commitment to sustainable, community-centered, and data-driven systems for safe and reliable water and sanitation around the world for Everyone Forever.