we-logoWater Ecuador is about connections. They develop strong local connections in areas of Ecuador where waterborne illness is an epidemic. The founder noticed, while volunteering at a hospital, that many of the same children regularly came to the clinic with the same recurring problems. He worked with local communities to establish water centers, finding a fresh water source and installing water systems that are easy to maintain and have simple purification systems. However, they go further than many water programs — they provide water education that covers how to determine whether a source of water is safe and how to maintain the water systems after they are installed.

Water Ecuador has an extremely limited budget and relies solely on volunteers. In February, Pathfinders Project, the yearlong humanist service trip that is working in conjunction with Foundation Beyond Belief, will spend a month conducting water education and installing water systems with Water Ecuador.

Our grant to Water Ecuador will cover the cost of materials needed during the residency by Pathfinders Project, and more into the future. The grant will also support Pathfinders Project by covering housing, food, travel, and other necessities while they are volunteering with Water Ecuador. The distribution of the grant will be approximately 50/50. For example, if $9500 is raised during this quarter Water Ecuador’s grant will be $4,500 to $5000, with the remaining funds raised being assigned to the Pathfinders Project.