TMWF-LogoTexas Muslim Women’s Foundation, founded and run by Muslim women, works to support and empower all women, through direct support for victims of domestic violence. They run a 24-Hour hotline and a shelter with caseworkers who help plan for long-term safety and self-sufficiency of women in their care. Their crisis center and programming serves women from all backgrounds, but is run with special care for specific obstacles Muslim women face related to domestic violence.

Outreach and education weave the Muslim community into the wider community. Their outreach is organic, including mobilizing Muslim youth to participate in community service projects and specifically targeting interfaith spaces.

Islam has a reputation for being anti-women. This is a group of Muslim women working to empower other Muslim women, by opening their doors to any woman in need regardless of beliefs. They are tackling an important need in their local community and, as a consequence, forcing a larger re-evaluation of what it means to be a woman in Islam and a Muslim in the United States.