SONG-LogoSongtaba is a Ghanaian organization with a strong intersectional program addressing the poverty and health of women within a culture permeated by human rights issues.

The Women’s Right to Sustainable Livelihood project works toward poverty alleviation. It aims to improve the viability of women smallholder farmers, reduce the burden of unpaid childcare work, improve their food security and organize them for self-advocacy and political engagement. The practical effects of this program have been community-run childcare centers, planning and budgeting engagement to increase resources for food production, and community activism to increase visibility of women’s farming activities. In some northern villages, there are refugees for woman accused as being witches. In these alleged witch camps, Songtaba provides annual health checkups for women. It is an unprecedented level of healthcare access, but measuring the impact of those services has been difficult.

Note: Songtaba is the community based partner of the Humanist Action: Ghana. Along with HA: Ghana, they will develop a records database for the women treated in these camps with the goal establishing a more informed picture of overall women’s health in the camps over time. The results will enable the organization to provide more targeted resources and gauge the effect of their efforts in providing clean water, nutrition, education, and general healthcare