beneficiary-2013-q4-logo-rcrcThe Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) is an interfaith coalition with both an advocacy arm and a 501(c)3 arm focused on education and mobilization to build responsible policies and resources for reproductive health and choice. They focus on the ethical reasons for choice and personal responsibility, using their beliefs to support reproductive rights, and they fight against the often religiously motivated reasoning used to oppose reproductive access on both national and state levels. Foundation Beyond Belief supported their education and outreach program.

RCRC’s programs are focused on education and promoting health initiatives that will improve the lives of women, their health choices, and their medical well-being. They also are reaching into the black church community, which is traditionally more conservative. Furthermore, they have created a significant list of alternative prayers and sermon topics to help clergy adapt their religious ideas to support a woman’s right to choose. These suggestions are developed for multiple religions.

We support this interfaith effort to further the cause of reproductive choice in our communities.

Foundation Beyond Belief’s┬áChallenge the Gap┬ácategory stretches our humanist community to look beyond religious lines. Through our Challenge the Gap program, we support organizations that are based in a religious worldview but do not proselytize as a part of their work. Since RCRC is a coalition drawing from a range of religious beliefs, they do not support one religious worldview.