Pure EarthPure Earth has a very measured and scientific approach to pollution reduction meant to benefit extremely poor communities abroad. The coordination and partnerships throughout each long-term project provides a dual effect model that improves both public health and contaminated environmental areas.

Every project is different for Pure Earth, because every location has unique problems to address, but Pure Earth works from the same principles for each project: focus on health, ensure local ownership, polluter pays where possible, start with the most urgent steps, strengthen local implementation capacity, combine excellent science and robust technology, adjust to evolving circumstances, prevent recontamination, preparation of the ROAD MAP.  Current projects include creating a safer method of recycling car batteries and alternate methods of using Borax instead of Mercury in artisanal gold mining.

All projects are designed to be more effective financially, cause lower environmental damage, and increase public health at the local level. Their projects are long-term due to their complexity and commitment to working with a broad range of partners.

Pure Earth engages with universities as well as local and national government officials to first set baseline testing. They then begin their public health education programs in the local and regional areas. The essential focus is on treatment and environmental contamination mitigation. Their plans also include solutions for the communities to encourage a change in practice to fix the initial concerns.

Pure Earth is impressive in the evaluations of their own projects, each of which has published reports and monitoring processes. Their programs are scalable. They address similar contaminant issues in different geographic areas, and their work in one village is then applicable in other areas with similar concerns.