Proyecto MatriaProyecto Matria was given a $25,000 HDR grant in the fall of 2017 for their recovery work in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. They were chosen because of their track record supporting women in Puerto Rico and their clear plan to pivot that work to help women and communities recover from the devastating aftermath of the hurricanes. Half a year later, recovery remains slow because of already old and inadequate infrastructure, controversial contracts, and corruption. The residents of Puerto Rico are in the midst of a human rights crisis.

With their first wave of donations following Maria, “Proyecto Matria has managed to deliver food, water and supplies to hundreds of families in different areas of the island, especially in the center and west. Some of them have lost absolutely everything, and government help has not given them any relief.” We know that in any disaster, donations fall off as the news cycles moves on. By featuring Proyecto Matria as a quarterly beneficiary, we are supporting their much need continuing effort to help the most vulnerable residents in Puerto Rico recover.