nu-logoNourishing USA is a nationwide network of more than 2000 community advocates and food rescue organizations that serve in the United States and Puerto Rico. In September 2010, Nourishing USA was featured on NBC San Diego at the “Classy Awards,” where it was named the nationwide Charity of the Year. Since then Nourishing USA has received much attention worldwide from a variety of media outlets and received numerous awards for their efforts.

In September 2011, the organization transformed from Nourishing NYC to Nourishing USA to reflect their goals of providing nutrition, education, and green living nationwide. The focus of the organization is particularly on providing nutrition for low-income America. These goals are realized by using a three part approach – feeding, educating, and advocating. First, free fresh produce is provided to low-income families in order to improve the health of low-income individuals in areas of nutritional food scarcity. Secondly, Nourishing USA provides education through a culinary arts and agriculture nutritional education program for children (the Junior Chef Program). This class teaches children about the hospitality industry, kitchen sills, and the importance of healthy living. Additionally, the students in the program receive materials to prepare healthful meals at home with their families. Thirdly, Nourishing USA advocates for environmental awareness so that positive change may be brought about in order to support healthy living.

Foundation Beyond Belief supports Nourishing USA’s goals of providing healthy living to low-income families across America. It is through joined efforts such as these that we will create a better, well-fed world for all of humanity.