Nexleaf Analytics’ mission is to “preserve human life and protect our planet by designing sector-appropriate technologies, providing data analytics, and engaging in data advocacy.” Lack of data is a hindrance to effective health and climate change solutions. Nexleaf creates solutions using a bottom up approach that ensures the technology they create and deploy are customized to address specific local needs.

Currently they have two primary technologies that they have created and deployed. ColdTrace is a wireless remote temperature monitoring solution designed for vaccine refrigerators in rural clinics and health facilities. They also provide training and country-specific Standard Operating Procedures. Over 13,000 ColdTrace devices have been deployed in seven countries.

StoveTrace devices remotely monitor cookstoves in rural communities. Cookstoves significantly reduce air pollution inside homes, but there are a lot of variables. Monitoring their effectiveness allows for adjustments for improvement in each location. StoveTrace technology has enabled a reduction in CO2e emissions equivalent to at least 1.2 million fewer miles driven.

Nexeaf has a bottom up approach that implements adaptable technology and has a strong commitment to data-driven methods.

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