Logo of the National Center for Science EducationNational Center for Science Education (NCSE) promotes and defends accurate and effective science education, because everyone deserves to engage with the evidence. Well-established areas of science that are culturally controversial, such as climate change and evolution, can be challenging to teach. In addition to numerous resources on their site, NCSE trains teachers and others in approaches for these subjects that have been proven to reduce conflict and help learners overcome misconceptions. NCSE also works to help local communities block legislation that would result in miseducation for students.

“I wanted to expand my knowledge of teaching a tough topic. It’s harder when you’re out there ‘on your own’ without a system or support network. Living outside of DC, it’s become an incredibly political topic. I wanted to strengthen my ability to cut through the talking points and teach the science.” ~Melinda Landry, NCSE Teacher Ambassador

FBB believes accurate and effective science education is vital for the prosperity of this country and this planet and is proud to support NCSE’s work to support science educators.