beneficiary-2012-q2-logo-mazonMAZON awards partnership grants to carefully selected anti-hunger organizations throughout the country that help us to advance our mission in their communities. It seeks to create long-term relationships with grantee partners, which empowers them to maintain the continuity of their anti-hunger work and helps MAZON to identify emerging trends that inform our program work.

Although MAZON provides general support grants, it requires all partnership grantees to be engaged in public policy work to advance a local, state and/or national anti-hunger agenda. MAZON’s largest grants are given to organizations working towards long-term solutions to ending hunger in the United States.

MAZON develops and implements strategic initiatives designed to advance knowledge and capacity within the anti-hunger community. Current initiatives are promoting healthier and more nutritious food options in food banks, helping food pantries in rural and remote areas address the growing need in their communities and advocating for veterans and active duty military families who are currently unable to access the federal nutrition assistance programs they need.

Past initiatives have guided the emergency food network’s effort to engage in anti-hunger advocacy and researched and identified the most effective strategies and tools to assist emergency food providers, food banks and anti-hunger advocates become stronger resources for healthy eating.