Lighthawk logoLighthawk takes research to the skies. By connecting scientists and planners with volunteer small plane pilots, they enable systematic monitoring, research, and planning of natural areas and animal populations.

Lighthawks’s work and research collaborations provide photographs, video, and images to aid scientific research. Written descriptions of Lighthawk’s work and collaborations aren’t sufficient to describe how crucial their photographs, video, and imagery are to small scale research. Lighthawk’s story is best told in pictures.

Research topics span the reaches, from bird migration surveys to protected area monitoring. The volunteer pilots, in their safe, methodical, and skillful flying, achieve their mission of finding answers to research questions and directing future research.

Lighthawk is the connection between on the ground research and satellite research – in the sky research. Stop reading and start watching.

Lighthawk was also our Natural World beneficiary in Q1 of 2013.