beneficiary-2012-q3-logo-khpsKasese Humanist Primary School is a secular school offering Nursery and Primary education to young people ages 4-13 in the communities around Kasese Municipality in Uganda. The school is the first primary school in Uganda grounded in humanist values and ethics. In all subjects taught at school, the emphasis is on application of scientific and humanist principles in an effort to realize a child’s full potential.

At the end of the term in 2011, Kasese school had enrolled 191 students and had 12 teachers. Just $44 covers one teacher’s monthly salary, and $90 sponsors one student for a full year.

The school is grounded in humanism but importantly does not indoctrinate, instead encouraging free inquiry. From the website: “No form of indoctrination is undertaken at the school – there is a strong emphasis on critical thinking so that pupils can rationally assess evidence and differing points of view on any topic.” They also include a comprehensive Religious Education curriculum.