beneficiary-2011-q4-logo-heartstrongHeartStrong is an all-volunteer organization and is the only GLBT nonprofit organization founded and administrated by humanists and atheists. Its core mission is to provide hope and help to GLBT students persecuted in religious educational institution and educating an ill-informed public of the legalized bullying in said institutions. HeartStrong is not a religious organization, allowing its outreach and educational programs to reach students placed in just about every type of religious school imaginable.

Recent studies have revealed that 25% of youth who are found out to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender by their parents are thrown out of their homes. It is estimated that as many as 80% of those young people are on the street because of their parents’ religious beliefs.

HeartStrong’s Youth Empowerment Project is a five-year project providing humanist-based educator’s resource guides at no charge to every public, private, and religious school counselor in the United States. The project also equips students in any school with outreach materials at no charge for peer-to-peer outreach. The project will cost approximately $50,000. With FBB’s funding, HeartStrong has begun implementing many parts of this project.