GlobeMed LogoGlobeMed supports 59 partnerships between universities and community-based health organizations throughout the world. Chapters are paired one-to-one to develop long-term relationships with their community based organization; each focus on one of six impact areas, such as Maternal Health or Communicable Disease Prevention.

GlobeMed operates on a belief in the right of all to health. Students provide a source of energy, fresh ideas, and creativity, and as a student-funded organization, GlobeMed trains new activists in social justice and health equity. Leaders come together each year in Evanston, IL for the annual summit and to share stories and work to improve the reach of their activism. GlobeMed also supports global health education curricula through an annual summit.

“Health is a basic human right. Yet people living in poverty continue to die of preventable and treatable diseases. Health determines how we live and why we die. By focusing on the foundations of health, like clean water, nutritious food, and medical care, we can save and empower thousands of lives. Imagine a world in which everyone had the chance not only to survive but thrive. What could we accomplish? We have the power to make this vision a reality. It all starts with health, one life, family, and community at a time.”

GlobeMed’s grassroots organizations and connections impact people in impoverished situations, impact students who raise money and awareness for their community organization, and change the lives of students and alumni who participate in internships across the world every summer.