beneficiary-2012-q4-logo-fnvwFriends for a Non-Violent World (FNVW) is a nonprofit organization founded by Quakers and devoted to inspiring and fostering peace through social action globally, in local communities, and in individuals. Their mission is fourfold: Through education, FNVW seeks to raise awareness about issues and campaigns that threaten, or support, nonviolence. Further, through movement building, FNVW amplifies the voice of any particular nonviolent actor and fosters a community based in nonviolence. Training individuals to live nonviolently seeds local communities with motivated activists to inspire change on a grander scale. Finally, through grassroots mobilization, they organize direct action in support of peace.

Challenge the Gap beneficiaries are selected with the same rigor as their peer beneficiaries—they can be religiously affiliated, but must remain non-proselytizing. This marks the first time a group with a Quaker-inspired history has been featured in CTG.