Humanist Grants, Evidence Action, Chlorine, Water Dispenders, Women in corn field with bright blue water dispenser

Evidence ActionEvidence Action is working to reduce the burden of poverty with a strong evidence-based approach that relies on research and data to implement effective solutions. They have three programs that are currently working in ten countries.

The Dispensers for Clean Water program provides chlorine dispensers at water sources for rural communities which limit waterborne diseases.

The Deworm the World Initiative works with governments to implement school-based deworming programs that cost less than 50 cents USD per child per year and have measurable positive impacts on the child’s health and economic and educational outcomes.

Evidence Action Beta is an in-house incubator for innovative solutions that is currently working on two promising initiatives. One is designed to reduce the negative effects of seasonal agriculture, and the other is designed to improve literacy and numeracy among primary school students.

Evidence Action embodies FBB’s commitment to evidence-based interventions to make positive impacts in the world.