Everybody Solar logoEverybody Solar protects the environment and strengthens communities

by bringing solar energy to nonprofits. They coordinate in-kind donations, engineering specifications, solar expertise, installation, and fundraising for these projects in order to offset 100% of the costs for nonprofits to go solar. By greatly reducing the organizations’ energy bills, financial resources can be redirected to increase the impact of the organizations.

To date, Everybody Solar is currently working on four projects and has completed ten projects for nonprofits with missions ranging from providing bicycles to children in low-income communities to preserving Lakota people and culture. Their ten projects have resulted in 195 tons of CO2 averted and is the equivalent to planting 4,658 trees.

“We are bringing solar power to communities one roof at a time. Our projects reduce costs for charities and help them better achieve their missions.”

The staff’s knowledge base regarding solar energy is profound and is shared on its website. Everybody Solar’s model multiplies their impact not just by installing renewable energy, but by doing so in a way that simultaneously supports vulnerable communities.