Diyalo Foundation Logo

In Nepal, Diyalo Foundation is working to create earthquake resistant schools with culturally responsible curriculums. They believe every community should be able to control their destiny. In these same communities, they complement their work in education with agricultural initiatives and energy programs. All of Diyalo’s work is done with the goal of sustainable, community-led development.

More than half of Nepalese children do not reach high school. The goal of each Diyalo Foundation school is quality education for every child through grade 8 ensuring that every child can read, write, and count; self-sustaining rural education; and proper school infrastructure. Their approach is holistic and facilitates the emotional, social, and academic development of the students. Each school includes an agri-garden where science, math, and local horticulture lessons can be taken outside. All the schools are powered by sustainable clean energy, which guarantees the students have unhindered classroom time. Everyone in the community has access to phone charging stations at the schools.

The Diyalo Foundation approach to education in Nepal is bottom-up, community-led, culturally-responsible, and provides community access to sustainable energy.