Community Change, Inc approaches, racism, racial relations, and racial responsibility, from the perspective that racial inequalities are a white problem.  This approach, borne out of the civil rights movement, galvanized Community Change Inc’s founder Horace Seldon to spend his career tackling these issues in Boston.  His unforgiving, relentless commitment to educate, act and speak has set the tone for many minority and social services organizations in the Boston area.

Community Change, Inc. maintains an extensive resource library on race relations.  They also have a rapid response outreach team, working mainly in the housing sector.  They develop future leadership through youth engagement and internships as well as inform the public through active education opportunities..

One project researched the impact of racism in the realm of social media, noting, “The Internet is critical for disseminating information, but it does not discriminate against information it carries. Hate speech and racist representations proliferate in social media, online news comment sections and community forums. We often fail to recognize the Internet is a socially constructed environment…”

We are proud to feature Community Change Inc., as our Charity Beneficiary at FBB’s Humanism at Work.  The conference topic is  #blacklivesmatter: listen, learn, think, discuss, act, and 50% of the proceeds from the event will go to CCI.