Grizzly bear

Logo of the Center for Biological Diversity organizationThe work that the Center for Biological Diversity does is based on the belief that the welfare of human beings is deeply linked to the existence of a vast diversity of wild animals and plants on this planet. The effects of human activity on Earth result in species going extinct at up to 1,000 times the natural rate. With the tools of science, law, and creative media, the Center works to save any species—large or small—on the brink of extinction. 

The Center’s work spans the entire planet, from the oceans to Antarctica, to fighting air pollution, to supporting 100% renewable energy. The Center’s environmental health work curbs toxic contaminants that harm humans and animals alike. Their solutions for a sustainable future include the empowerment of women and girls, universal access to reproductive healthcare and education, a healthy and secure food system, and clean energy. 

We want those who come after us to inherit a world where the wild is still alive.

FBB shares The Center’s commitment to a sustainably healthy planet for all living things and is happy to support their data-driven, grassroots programs that seek solutions for the survival of humans and our environment.