bci-logoBat Conservation International works to conserve bats and their ecosystems through education, research, and conservation initiatives. Their programs include direct conservation projects such as protecting water access for wildlife and managing habitat and resources for endangered bats, but also include educational initiatives such as scholarships, grants for academics conducting bat research, and addressing superstitions that can lead to the abuse of bats. The range of their programs and their educational approach are outstanding, as well as the work they do in a neglected area of conservation. They have a highly developed internal scientific research process.

Their programs include habitat conservation and establishment in Texas Hill Country, where millions of bats migrate to every year. They support habitat rehabilitation, including the clearing of invasive plant species. Another endeavor involves researching and finding solutions to the white-nose syndrome threating all of the bat colonies in North America. This disease has an almost 100% morality rate.

Furthermore, they extend their programs across the world, working with local populations to implement bat protection. As the Humanist Giving staff of Foundation Beyond Belief has begun to focus on beneficiaries that use scientifically sound methods and program effectiveness studies, our inclusion of Bat Conservation International as a Natural World beneficiary is a complementary match.