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BakerRipley’s mission is to bring resources, education, and connection to emerging neighborhoods in the Houston metro area. They work to connect low income families and individuals to opportunities. BakerRipley only goes to neighborhoods where they are invited and they work side by side with community leaders and residents to identify the neighborhood’s strengths and desires and to design a plan to make those desires a reality. For this reason, it’s hard to list all the projects and issues BakerRipley has worked on. They have projects ranging from disaster recovery, to education, to vocational training, to senior services, to tax and financial services, and to immigration support.

This quarter, BakerRipley’s grant will be restricted to their immigration program, which began to support community members facing deportation proceedings. Now, the program includes defence work for families separated at the border and asylum advocacy.

BakerRipley was a beneficiary of our Harvey Disaster Appeal and FBB is happy to continue support of their important work.

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