Artists for Humanity (AFH) provides art students and potential artists with a workshop to explore their talent.  The students receive stipends, as well as a multitude of opportunities to develop and sell their art.  The students are supported within their personal artistic inspiration but also encouraged to explore other media. STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum is used in 3D media and other endeavors throughout the organization.

Students are employees, equals with mentors who guide them from the creative process through the business of the art world, and students participate in client meetings and financial deals.  They are also able to sell their art and obtain commissions for future projects.

“ No one can doubt the effectiveness of AFH and its long-standing influence on the majority of those who sustain their participation for as long as at least one full year. It is clear that staying within AFH brings maturation in terms of ways of relating and communicating with others, as well as self-monitoring and management, and setting of goals to which the young artists aspire. …”

-Heath, Shirley (Stanford University) Research Report- Final Summation..Submitted to the Ruddie Memorial Foundation

Artists for Humanity is not your traditional afterschool arts program. It is a full interdisciplinary paid internship and career apprenticeship for young artists.