It’s our birthday. Let’s pass the celebration forward.

We just turned 12 today. We’ve got more than a dozen reasons to celebrate, but there’s one we’d like to focus on today:

One person.

There is one person whose life you can impact right now. A stranger you’ll never meet, who isn’t sure if they can feed themselves or their family today. Someone who could really use a reason to celebrate.

So for those so moved to celebrate with us, don’t worry about our spirits — boost this person’s instead. $2.50 will hook this person up with a whole meal. That’s more nutritious than a piece of cake. And more uplifting, too. Really, it’s the most bang for your celebration buck.



And afterwards, if you’ve got leftover cheer, please celebrate yourself next. You’re the reason this one-of-a-kind organization has grown from hopeful idea to hopeful reality.To thank you a dozen times would not be enough.