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Environmental concerns in Ghana

13 Mar 2017

by FBB

In a country that doesn't have a working garbage collection service, let alone a recycling program, plastic bags are a big problem. A few years ago, the Ghanaian government tried to ban plastic bags all together, but the backlash was so large that the government had to back down. That doesn't mean no one is working for a solution.

The government compromised by requiring industry to create biodegradable plastics, but very few companies are in compliance currently. It can be difficult to focus on environmental concerns when a population is focused on economic stresses and health improvement, but it is vital. The three of these are actually inextricably linked, but it can be hard to realize. Many feel a long-term, multi-pronged approach can be the most successful.

Click here to read more from a Ghanaian environmental activist, as he discusses some possible solutions, and why they may or may not work.

Photo credit Joshua Amponsem

HSC: Ghana

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