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Frequently Asked Questions About Donations

I want to change the amount I donate every month. When I click on "change giving level," why don't I have this option?

If your donation is being made through PayPal, we cannot edit the amount or your donation or the time of month when it is sent. You may change these settings from your PayPal account. 

Soon we will provide the ability to donate by credit card. When we do so, updating your account to donate by credit card will remove this restriction as your donation will no longer go through a third party (PayPal).

I cancelled my account. Why am I still being billed?

If you were donating directly through PayPal, cancelling your account requires logging into your PayPal account and cancelling from there.

To cancel, please log in at and click on "Tools". Choose "Recurring Payments" from the following screen. This will take you to your "Recurring payments dashboard" where you can click on the link provided to see your "My approved payments". Simply select "Foundation Beyond Belief, Inc." from this next screen and hit cancel at top left to discontinue your donation. 

If you need a refund for the extra donations, or if you're experiencing this problem but don't use PayPal, please contact us.

Is my donation safe?

If you donate through PayPal, the security measures implemented by PayPal will all be in place on your account. This means that, for your safety as an online consumer, FBB won't be able to make any changes to your payment from our own website (such as changing your giving amount or cancelling your donation).

If you switch to credit card donations, third party restrictions on what you can edit from within the FBB website will be removed, allowing for greater access to managing your account. However, your purchase will remain just as secure as with PayPal. 

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