Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

These FAQs are intended for questions about giving to FBB and our programs, including questions about our new donation system.

Why doesn't FBB support individuals directly?

Every humanist is faced with the same fundamental question: with so many worthy causes and so much need in the world, how do I choose the causes that are most important to me, and how do I ensure that I am having the greatest impact when I donate my time or money?

As a humanist organization, FBB must also answer these questions, with the added responsibility of ensuring that we are best representing the causes that are important to our supporters. Between the Humanist Action: Ghana, Disaster Recovery, and Grants programs, FBB--and by extension our donors--support a vast array of good works around the world. By supporting beneficiary organizations through our Disaster Recovery and Grants programs, FBB is able to deliver large-scale benefits to communities.

While we would love to support individuals as well as organizations, it would be impossible for us to prioritize one person’s needs over another’s. For those in need of individual support, we suggest contacting Modest Needs, which is an organization that helps low income individuals. A local Beyond Belief Network team may also be a source of support.

Why is FBB Changing its Donation System?

FBB’s donation system served us well for eight years, but as our organization has grown and expanded, so too have our technological needs. Upgrading our software will improve your experience as a donor, and will vastly increase efficiency for the organization. In addition, our new system will be directly saving us money - which means better use of every donated dollar.

We all know that technology upgrades can come with bumps along the way. FBB appreciates your patience during the transition, and will be happy to address any concerns you may have. We also want to know if something isn’t working right, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience a bug in the new system!

Will I Need to Create a New Account?

Not necessarily.

  • Monthly Giving through PayPal: If you were giving monthly through PayPal, we will be able to transition your account into our new system internally. If you were giving to Humanist Grants, you may continue to adjust your monthly allocations through the MyFBB portal.

  • Monthly Giving by Credit Card: If you were giving monthly by credit card, you will need to visit this page, select the program you wish to support, and sign up for monthly donations following the prompts. At this time, Humanist Grants donors are unable to adjust monthly allocations through the MyFBB portal, but this functionality will be enabled soon.

  • One-Time Gifts: If you have only made one-time donations to FBB or our programs, you may continue to do so by following the links and prompts found here.

Why Is There a Fee for My Gift?

Every online gift FBB receives includes a processing fee. In the past, FBB covered these fees through unrestricted donations. However, this significantly increased our reliance on year-end gifts - each of which itself included a processing fee! By asking our donors to cover these fees at the outset, FBB is able to be better stewards of donated dollars, ensuring that our programs and beneficiary organizations are supported in a sustainable, responsible way.

How do I change my monthly gift amount?

If you are donating by credit card:

Because of the secure nature of our online giving system, FBB is unable to change your monthly gift amount. To change your amount, simply complete the Donation Cancellation Form and sign up again at the new amount. (Please note: cancellation can take up to five business days to process.)

If you are donating directly through PayPal:

  • Follow the instructions below to cancel your monthly PayPal payments.

  • Sign up for your chosen program and giving amount.

How do I cancel my monthly gift?

If you are donating by credit card:

  • Please complete the Donation Cancellation Form.

  • You will receive notification from FBB that your account has been cancelled. (Please note: cancellation can take up to five business days to process.)

If you are donating directly through PayPal:

  • Please log in to your PayPal account at and click on the gear icon to edit your account settings.

  • Choose “Payments”.

  • Choose “Manage pre-approved payments”.

  • Select "Foundation Beyond Belief, Inc." from this next screen and hit cancel at top left to discontinue your donation.

Should you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us.

Is my personal and financial information secure?

FBB takes your privacy and security very seriously. All donations are securely processed through Stripe or PayPal. FBB does not sell, rent, or give away its mailing list or donor information, nor are donors automatically signed up for our mailing list. To stay up-to-date on how your donation is helping others,  please sign up for our newsletter. Should you have any questions or concerns about your security or privacy, please feel free to contact us.

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