Humanist Disaster Recovery

The impacts from any natural disaster during the COVID-19 crisis will be magnified by the spread of the virus. Our HDR program focus will be on mitigating the amplifying effects of COVID-19 as part of our humanist response.

Humanist Disaster Recovery (HDR) serves as a focal point for the humanist response to major natural disasters and complex humanitarian crises all over the world. For FBB to coordinate such humanist response, the event must meet a well-developed set of criteria.

The HDR program has two primary components:

Disaster Response: in response to a natural disaster, we raise funds to aid in disaster recovery to

  • provide financial support to secular organizations working locally to meet the needs of recovering survivors.

  • provide recovering communities with trained humanist volunteers.

Call to Action: in the case of a humanitarian crisis, FBB researches and shares ways for humanists to make an impact on the crisis. This often includes fundraising for a secular organization that is working to mitigate the crisis.

Grant beneficiaries are rigorously vetted to ensure they meet FBB’s standards for efficiency, effectiveness, and financial transparency. The post-disaster recovery landscape is complex, but we prioritize nonprofits that are well-established, integrate sustainability and mitigation techniques into their work, and empower local communities throughout long-term recovery.

During an HDR response, this page provides:

  • information about the unfolding situation.

  • the opportunity to donate to our vetted secular beneficiaries.

  • the opportunity to volunteer to help rebuild communities affected by the disaster.

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Donate to the HDR program to aid us in responding to disasters by finding and vetting secular disaster organizations as well as planning volunteer deployments.

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HDR WorkerAs part of the first ever national humanist disaster recovery volunteer program, HDR provides recovering communities with trained humanist volunteers.

We are currently building our national database of volunteers who are ready and willing to help should disaster strike. By registering, you are only stating that you are willing to be contacted should a position open up for a role you may be able to fill.

Thank you so much for stepping up and wanting to put your compassionate humanism to work.

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Foundation Beyond Belief  American Humanist Association

The Humanist Disaster Recovery program is sustained through a partnership between Foundation Beyond Belief and the American Humanist Association (AHA).

We thank AHA for their generous support of our efforts.

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